Building a Contemporary Art Collection
Date : 26 / 10 / 2019
Stamba Block D
Considerations for personal guidelines to build up a Collection of Contemporary Art. Talk by Rainald Schumacher and public conversation with Nathalie Hoyos and Rainald Schumacher – Office for Art, Berlin Today’s art market has become a global and super dynamic event. Hundreds of galleries offer works of art for sale in rapid succession. Art fairs take place more or less every weekend in another place. Large overview exhibitions and international biennials follow in an equally dense rhythm. At the same time, collecting art has a seductive potential. It promises social reassurance, conveys open-mindedness to the burning questions of today and offers participation in the hopes and concepts that will shape the world. Last but not least the art market entices with the prospect of an excellent investment. But becoming an art collector might not be so easy. The lecture focuses on the many obstacles that need to be overcome. What are the rules – if there are any – of the art market? How to start buying and what to do with the works? How to find trustworthy partners? How to initiate a targeted search for specific works? How to develop personal criteria for collecting? In short: What does someone actually need to know, to prevent their personal tastes from leading them to make the wrong investment and collecting decisions?

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