Worker I

Andro Dadiani’s “Worker” is a series of performances commissioned by Kuntshalle Tbilisi. With these series the performer attempts to redefine role of an artist in our society. Traditionally artist was viewed as someone who’s serving higher ideals. In Georgia for the large part of the last century artists catered to an ideology of a ruling party. Similarly current political parties are using art to support their governing power. “Worker” performances aim to alter this perception and reveal that art is neither an act of entertainment nor the object of aesthetic pleasure. Performer declares his work to be an ordinary job. What connects these series of geographically, socially and economically distanced performances is the artist’s medium- routine work. The reality depicted through this medium is an attempt to create social portraits that in turn offer us a new artistic language dictated by cultural crisis, as well as, a space for discussion.

Worker 12. 2020 Afrika On December 15th, 2020 during the pandemic lockdown, in Tbilisi outskirt called Afrika, illegitimately built small settlement on the territory of the former garbage dump was torn down following the orders of the city municipality. The performer is trying to salvage parts of rubble by cleaning, putting aside, stacking and wrapping the building blocks that remained after state’s forceful actions.